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Global broker Securities Africa opens Kenya office

We are pleased to announce...


Pan-African Coverage

41 African Currencies

Flexible and robust solutions for sophisticated foreign exchange trading

We offer a diverse suite of fixed income, money market and foreign exchange products and services to our clients. In addition to a full range of African currencies, our clients are able to transact and settle in virtually any foreign currency across the globe.  

Please see the table below for our list of covered African currencies.

   Country  Currency  Central Bank
   Algeria  Algerian Dinar
   Angola  Angolan Kwanza
   Botswana  Botswana Pula
   Burundi  Burundian Franc
   Cape Verde  Cape Verdean Escudo
   Central Africa  Central African CFA Franc
   Comoros  Comorian Franc
   DRC  Congolese Franc
   Djibouti  Djiboutian Franc
   Egypt  Egyptian Pound
   Eritrea  Eritrean Nakfa
   Ethiopia  Ethiopian Birr
   Gambia  Gambian Dalasi
   Ghana  Ghanaian Cedi
   Guinea  Guinean Franc
   Kenya  Kenyan Shilling
   Lesotho  Lesotho Loti
   Liberia  Liberian Dollar
   Libya  Libyan Dinar
   Madagascar  Malagasy Ariary
   Malawi  Malawian Kwacha
   Mauritania  Mauritanian Ouguiya
   Mauritius  Mauritian Rupee
   Morocco  Moroccan Dirham
   Mozambique  Mozambican Metical
   Namibia  Namibian Dollar
   Nigeria  Nigerian Naira
   Rwanda  Rwandan Franc
   São Tomé and Príncipe  São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra
   Seychelles  Seychellois Rupee
   Sierra Leone  Sierra Leonean Leone
   Somalia  Somali Shilling
   South Africa  South African Rand
   South Sudan  South Sudanese Pound
   Sudan  Sudanese Pound
   Swaziland  Swazi Lilangeni
   Tanzania  Tanzanian Shilling
   Tunisia  Tunisian Dinar
   Uganda  Ugandan Shilling
   WAEMU  West African CFA Franc
   Zambia  Zambian Kwacha

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  • South Africa +27 (11) 243 9030
  • Nigeria +234 (1) 342 9185

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